Sunday, April 5, 2015



Two pounds large fresh prawn, shelled and veined.
One cup finely chopped onions.
Half cup oil.
Three TBS chili paste.
One TBS turmeric.
One Tsp. turmeric.
Half Tsp. each: paprika, cinnamon powder.
Three or four whole cloves.
Plenty chopped ginger, a little garlic.
Quarter cup vinegar.
Quarter cup tamarind water.

Osterize all except prawns oil, and onion in the blender. Water may be added.
Fry onions golden brown. Add the contents of the blender, and cook till the oil separates.
Add prawns, cook till done.
Serve with rice or naan.

Note: this is more or less the same recipe as on a blog I have neglected for a long time. No need to mention it further.

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Yummy, give me as much prawns as you want and I will have all of them. Going to try this recipe for sure, thank you for sharing it here