Sunday, April 13, 2014


A sauce suitable for the fast-paced middle-aged bachelor lifestyle. Wise individuals keep a jar on hand at all times, and give it to relatives for celebratory events. Anniversaries and stuff.


2 cups mayonnaise.
4 TBS good olive oil.
4 TBS Heinz Chili Sauce.
4 TBS ketchup.
2 TBS of Sriracha Sauce.
2 TBS Dijon Mustard.
1 TBS Worcestershire sauce.
1 TBS finely minced scallion or onion.
1 Tsp. minced garlic.
½ Tsp. ground coriander seed.
½ Tsp. freshly cracked black pepper.
½ Tsp. salt (*).
Pinch of sugar.
The juice of one lime.
A dash of Tabasco.

Optional: one mashed anchovy fillet.
[*If you use anchovy, omit the half teaspoon of salt.]

Mash the anchovy and garlic thoroughly in a blending bowl, then whisk all ingredients fiercely together. Can be stored in the refrigerator, and used on virtually everything.

Originally published here:,  titled: FABULOUS PIZZA, AND SHEER HERESY.

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