Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Chinese style rice stick noodles in turkey broth.
This was originally posted shortly after Thanksgiving in 2011.



Dump the turkey carcass bits and bones into a cauldron with a stalk of celery and an onion to simmer for several hours.
For a nice clear soup, strain it well. There is no orthodox way to do so.
I use the regular strainer, leaving the solids in the pot, then carefully repeat the process with a tea strainer - the same process also works for bacon grease, by the way.

Rice flour noodles, whether the thin rice stick (mai fun 米粉), or the thick kind (ho fun 河粉) which are called 'river noodles', need very little preparation. All that is really required is a rinse, and brief period in boiling water, and draining, after which they can be dumped in a bowl. Then you inundate them with hot broth.

What you then add should be simple, flavourfull, and clean tasting.

On the day after Thanksgiving, naturally you would use chunks and thick ripped shreds of bird, with cilantro (yuen sai 芫茜) and chopped scallion (ching tsong 青葱).
Lots of cilantro - it's good for the stomach.
Some very finely minced ginger also, as well as one or two grinds of white pepper.

Rice noodles comfort the digestion, by the way.
Which you probably need the day after a turkey feast.

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