Sunday, April 5, 2015


Two pounds pork leg or shoulder, chunk cut.
One cup of onions chopped.
Quarter cup of cilantro (kotumir).

Half a cup vinegar.
Half TBS. sugar.
Half TBS. ground pepper.
Two green cardamom pods.
A few cloves, bay leaves, green chilies.

Spice paste:
Three TBS. chili paste.
Two Tsp. each: cinnamon powder, ground coriander.
One Tsp. ground cumin.
Plenty of ginger and garlic.
Quarter cup vinegar.
Quarter cup of strong tamarind water.

Marinate the meat for several hours.
Whirr all ingredients for the spice paste smooth.

Brown the onions, add the spice paste, and cook till the oil separates. Add the meat and its marinade and cook briefly over a high flame. Add two or three cups water and simmer for an hour or more. Add the cilantro, remove from heat. Serve with pao and plain white rice.

Note: this is more or less the same recipe as on a blog I have neglected for a long time. No need to mention it further.

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essay-on-time services said...

Vadaloo… I haven't tried it till now but surely want to have it but going to replace pork with cow meat. Thank you for sharing recipe, hope it will be delicious one